Ebarcode – An App that Scans and Creates QR/Bar Codes

Ebarcode App That Helps You Generates QR Codes and Easily Scan Barcodes

QR and Bar codes are significant necessities in the current times. It helps every person to minimize specific information in terms of black and white pixels, which anybody can scan to read out what is mentioned for them to read.

The benefit of QR and bar codes is that anyone could easily access the information without any hurdles in the shortest time. If we talk about the current times, nobody has the patience to read out tons of information.

In other words, going through the whole procedure is not possible for anyone. That’s why the QR and bar codes can help a person quickly show others the vital information in the minimal steps.

People opt for QR and bar codes to help them portray their business or product information. Suppose you have a business in your hometown that has the chance of marketing through QR or bar codes; you can place any offer and save the necessary information in the QR code.

Now, all you need is to paste that QR or bar code to several locations where the person would easily scan it to get the entire information. In this way, the marketing of your business or product would be quite easier.

Besides that, there are several other essential tactics that you could follow up to use the QR and bar codes for your personal needs.


What is Barcode App?

The Ebarcode app is a project of JahaSoft Ltd is a well-known software company based in Balochistan, and it’s famous for providing top-notch software services to users throughout the world.

At first, JahaSoft Created a Website platform with the name of, where anybody can create a QR code that tends to be available with more than 11 types for the users. However, they have come up with a mobile application, which tends to provide many other features to the users.

Barcode is available in the android mobile version, easily downloadable from the Google Play store. All you have to do is type in the EbarCode search term on the Google play store search bar, and the app will pop up with a blue color background on it. You can directly install the app from there. It’s available in less than 5MB size, which would instantly install on your mobile phone without any hurdles.

Barcode tends to provide you with the whole service without charging a single penny from the user. Yes, you will get all of the services from this app for free. You will get both the scanning and generation of a QR and bar code in the app. Depending upon that, you can perform both of the things very easily.

If you want to change the theme of the App, it has an option where you can select your favorite theme pattern. Besides that, the app can directly scan the image available on your mobile phone to create a QR or bar code for it.

Moreover, you can check the history of those QR and bar codes that you created or scanned in the past, so you can use them for future purposes depending upon your needs.

The settings options come with major other features and attributes, which you would know about after installing it for the first time on your mobile phone.

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