Money Detector App that Can Help Blind People to Count Currency

Money Detector Android App That Let's Blind People Country Turkey and Pakistani Currencies

Technology has become so advanced that it can easily help every type of person do the daily life tasks that were naturally hard for them in the past. Yes, we are talking about blind people who can’t read or see things from their eyes, just like ordinary people.

The “Money Detector” is an outstanding app that a blind person can easily use in their daily life to easily count or get to know about without taking anybody’s help at all. The reason for introducing this app occurs when the majority of the Blinds people have complained about the issues they have to face regarding the counting of the currency and all that.


How to Use this App?

The App needs to be first installed on mobile phones. For that, you have to go to the application store and type the name of the app, which is “Money Detector” After that, follow the guidelines to install the app on your mobile phone.

When you have downloaded the application, the next thing is to open the app. The back camera of the mobile phone is the main aspect of this app that will help you out regarding the scanning of the currency to tell you about it.

Here, many people would be confused about how the blind person would know about the currency when they hover the back camera towards it. The developers of this app have included the voice control system for the users.

Whenever the blind person hovers the back camera to the currency notes, the scanner will detect the currency and tell about the currency notes to the user. Based on that, it will be much easier to understand the amount of notes that a blind person would have in their pockets.


What Currencies are Supported in this App?

The developers of this application have introduced two currency types for blind peoples, such as Pakistani Rupees and Turkish Currency. Anyone who belongs to Turkey and Pakistan can easily tally the currency with the help of this application. However, it’s expected that more currencies will include in this application in the future.

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What are the Ways to Tally the Currency Notes?

The first method that we have discussed in the above portion to tally the currency is with the help of a mobile back camera directly hovering towards the money. However, there is another method that you can consider for calculating the currency notes, which is with the help of images.

Let say you have the images of currencies available on the laptop, PC, or another mobile phone; here, you need to hover the mobile back camera towards the Image. It will tell you about the currency through voice control.

At this point, this app can be helpful for those as well who are not blind. Let say someone wants to know about the Turkish currency in more depth; they would have the currency in hand or image, so just pointing out the camera towards the currency will help out to know about the currency and its name.

In Pakistan, the currency is in rupees, which the other person might not know who are living in another country, so using this app will easily help understand the currency and its name that will come out to the mobile screen. A similar thing will go for the Turkish currency.

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