Don't Ever Buy a TikTok Ads Manager Account from M. Azeem Siddique is a Big Fraud!

I would like to discuss a scammer from Pakistan named. ‘M. Azeem Siddique‘ he basically runs a company with a name of Adver Tolet.

He sells TikTok Ads Manager Agency Account that he gets from ecomdymedia and sells that to innocent people for about 15,000 to 25,000 depending on person to person that he is selling upon.

I was searching for TikTok Ads manager few months ago. so, I saw his post on Facebook and I ended up buying an account from him unfortunately for about 15,000 account only. Which I can get for free from ecomdymedia.

When I made a purchase from him than the next step was to credit my account with funds. So, I paid him $200 that amount was credited into my account. I used like $60 and I asked him if there is anyway to withdraw those amount. he said yes. I can do that.

After few days, When i refreshed my account. there was no funds in my accounts. I was shocked. I immediately contacted him. he refused that he haven’t withdrawn. so, I knew that he bought the account from ecomdymedia. I contacted ecomdymedia on Facebook and shared my Account ID and email and asked them where did my funds go? so, the company ecomdymedia stated that you have requested for refund which we have to your account week before.

So, I showed him the screenshot he refused to say that he haven’t. I messaged him on whatsapp if my amount isn’t returned to me. I will leave no option on your friends circle and facebook and everywhere. I will make sure you make no business then he has refunded my the amount.

But, after few days later when my refund was added to my bank account. I lost access to my account TikTok Ads Manager Agency Account. he removed me. When I contacted him on whatsApp why did you removed me? he said. you were not using the account. I have given it to someone else.

A huge shame on such a person. he charged me 15,000 PKR for account and then without my permission. he has given my account or sold my account to someone else.

I would like to post this to let people be aware of this malicious and corrupt person. if you ever wanted to purchase TikTok Ads Manager Agency Account. You can directly contact TikTok or Ecomdymedia.

I have full proofs of contacts with ecomdymedia and with this scammer azeem and each and every details. Incase, anyone interested don’t forget to email me. I will share a video of conversations with company and this scammer.

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