Elon Musk is Recruiting for Tesla: I ‘Don’t Care if you Even Graduated high School’

On Sunday the Co-founder of Tesla Elon Musk tweeted, If you are graduated from high school and don’t have a college degree, the best news for you is it will not hold you back from working with Tesla.

He is using Twitter to recruit for Tesla’s artificial intelligence team, “Join Al at Tesla” Elon Musk tweeted Sunday.

The artificial intelligence team “reports directly to me [and] we meet/email/text almost every day.”

The good news is that Tesla’s artificial intelligence department doesn’t require a specific degree.

He said: “A Ph.D. is definitely not required,” he tweeted on twitter on February 2.1 “don’t care if you even graduated high school.”

He is looking for those with a “deep understanding” of artificial intelligence. And while, “[e]ducational background is irrelevant,” and all candidates, “must pass hardcore coding test” he said.

He was expressed his opinion on the essentials of degrees before, “There’s no need even to have a college degree at all, or even high school,” in an interview with the German automotive publication auto Bild about his hiring preferences more broadly in 2014.

He said: “If somebody graduated from a great university that may be an indication that they will be capable of great things, but it’s not necessarily the case. if you look at, say, people like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison, and Steve Jobs, these guys didn’t graduate from college, but if you had a chance to hire them, of course, that would be a good idea.”

Elon Musk told Auto Bild that: “evidence of exceptional ability. And if there is a track record of exceptional achievement, then it is likely that that will continue into the future,”

The artificial intelligence company Tesla needs professional and talented to work on its self-driving vehicle ambitions.

Its vehicles are designed and built with the hardware necessary to offer some current autopilot features and “Full self-driving capabilities” in the upcoming year.

According to the website of Tesla, “The hardware will need to have various software upgrades to one day be able to operate as a self-driving vehicle.”

He tweeted on February 2 that he is going to throw some fun party at his with the Tesla artificial intelligence and autopilot team.

“Gigafactories are where Tesla makes its electric motors and battery packs. Currently, there are Tesla Gigafactories in Sparks, NevadaBuffalo, New York; and Shanghai, China. In November, Musk announced a fourth factory will be built in Berlin, Germany.”

Basically, he is looking to recruit talent at a time when Tesla is performing very well financially. In January 2013, the electric automaker’s stock had its cool performance since May 2013.

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