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DoS Tools

The Follow is a list of DoS tools:

DoSHTTP DoSHTTP is an HTTP flood DoS tool. It can target URLs, and it uses port designation.

UDPFlood This utility generates UDP packets at a specified rate and to a specific network.

Jolt2 This IP packet fragmentation DoS tool can send large numbers of fragmented packets to a windows host.

Targa This eight-in-one tool can perform DoS attacks using one or many of the included options. Attacks targa is capable of are land, WinNuke, and teardrop attacks.


DoS Tools

The Follow is a list of DoS tools:

Trinoo This DDoS tool uses UDP flooding. It can attack single or multiple IPs.

LOIC Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) has become popular because its easy one button operation. Some people suspect that groups such as Anonymous, which uses DDoS attacks as its primary weapon, use LOIC as their main tool.

TEN2k This DDoS attack tool is based on TFN (Tribe Flood Network) and can perform UDP, SYN, and UDP flood attacks.

Stacheldraht This DDoS tool has similar attack capabilities as TFN2k. Attacks can be configured to run for a specified duration and to specific ports.


NOTE     The exam will expect you to be familiar with the tools listed in this article for preparing CEHv9 and which means you must know what each tool does and how it’s used. Memorizing the details and nuances of each tool is not required.

Warning:- ( Before Running the software you must keep OFF your Windows Firewall & Windows Defender Other Wise your File will be corrupted).

Seeing LOIC in Action

LOIC is one of the easiest DDoS tool you will ever see. Yet its simplicity and remote connections features make it an extremely effective tool. In this article you will know how easy it is to launch a DoS attack using LOIC.

1: First, run the LOIC.exe file. Do not perform an in-depth installation; just run the executable.



2: Once you run the EXE, the program pops up and is ready for a quick configuration.

Note that you can target URL as well as a specific IP address. For our purposes just enter the IP address of your windows 7 box inside the LOIC tool.



3: Click the Lock On button. The IP address shows up as the target; there is no doubt where this traffic is going.



4: Now that you have the IP input and target selected, you can configure a few more details for your attack preference. For this article use port 80, the TCP method, 10000 threads, and the default TCP/UDP message, as show here:


5: Before you click the Fire button, hop back over to your windows 7 system and start Wireshark to see the traffic generated by LOIC.

6: Now you can fire your LOIC beam and view the traffic.








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    It shows this massage: “The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files.

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    1. its not a malware thats the rule if you are using hacking tools and software you must have a separate PC so you can off your firewall and windows defender in order to work smoothly hope thats your answer to questions.

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