Google, Apple and 13 other Companies No Longer Require Employees to Have College Degree

A job search site known as Glassdoor compiles a list of 15 top companies that said they no longer require applicants to have a college degree. Companies like Google, Apple, IBM and EY are all in this group. But currently, EY’s non-degree requirements are only applicable to candidates that in the UK.

In 2017, IBM’s vice president of talent Joanna Daley told that about 15 percent of her company’s U.S hires don’t have a four-year college degree. She said that instead of looking at candidates who have hand-on practical skills and experience on coding boot camp or an industry-related vocational class.

Check out the lists of Companies that no longer require employees to have a college degree:


No#1: Google

No#2: Ernst & Young (EY)

No#3: Penguin Random House

No#4: Costco Wholesale

No#5: Whole Foods

No#6: Hilton

No#7: Publix

No#8: Apple

No#9: Starbucks

No#10: Nordstrom

No#11: Home Depot

No#12: IBM

No#13: Bank of America

No#14: Chipotle

No#15: Lowes

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