TikTok Star Adil Rajput Faked Death to Gain Followers

TikTok Star Adil Rajput’s Wife Uploaded a Video on TikTok announced that Adil had passed away in a car accident.

The video was uploaded on Adil’s TikTok Account and His Wife was Seen Weeping While Announcing the News.

“Adil is no longer with us”, she said. According to her, she received a call from one of his friends who said that Adil has passed away in a road accident.

The video is now on every social media trending, and people really felt sorry for his death and Adil is pakistan’s prominent tiktok start with over 2.6M followers on his official account.

However, as reported by Dunya News, locals started gathering outside Adil’s house on hearing the news. But, later in the day, it was told by locals that Adil is still alive and well, and that the video was nothing but an attempt at raking in more followers. Locals have demanded that authorities should take legal action against the couple for spreading this fake news.

More clarity is needed on the matter as both Adil and his wife are yet to address this controversial move.

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