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Which Bank is Best to Receive Payments Online in Pakistan (Google AdSense ETC)

⦁ Are you fed up with receiving big amounts from Western Union Pakistan?

⦁ Don’t you know which banks are the best to receive your freelancing, Google AdSense, Affiliate revenue monthly.

⦁ You will be given the best banks suggestion, which we are using from last 2 years till now.

You might have faced a serious issues with receiving payments from Western Union, it may be due to a huge amount or you don’t have the time to go and receive it yourself.

If you have a small amount of money coming to you, I do suggest you Western Union, specially from Google AdSense.

If you have above than $1000 to $10000 or more, You need a bank account, because Western Union could not be able to give you that amount of money.

Recently, one of our blog has reached to $4000 per month, and we were using Western Union as our payment gateway and we got a notice from AdSense to add Bank Account Details.

Check Out the Screenshot Sent by Google AdSense Team:

 Check Out the Screenshot Sent by Google AdSense Team:


If you are a Freelancers, Blogger, Affiliate Marketer or any individual, who is offering services online.

You probably have faced tons of issues, while getting paid, due to no proper payment gateway like PayPal.

Sure, We do have Payoneer. But, In this piece of post, I will be specifically talking about our Banks Account, Such as: ABL, UBL, HBL, SC etc.

NOTE:- It’s not a sponsored post, I will be specifically mentioning my 2 years of experience with these bank accounts.

Lets Talk about Top 3 Banks of Pakistan To Receive Your Online Payment Directly To Your Bank Account:


ABL – (Allied Bank Limited):

It’s one of my favorite bank account to receive my Google AdSense payments.

You just need to open a business account and whenever Google AdSense sends you the amount. You will probably going to receive it in 1 to 3 working days.

The timing could be less or more, but if there is no holidays you are for sure going to receive it between 1 to 3 days, straight into your bank account.

Required Things Before Receiving Your Online Payments into Your Bank Account:

ABL Team That Handles Google AdSense Payments = 021 (35370500)


NOTE: The Google Payment Team of ABL and the Remittance Department both of these are extremely bad behaved individuals.


UBL – (United Bank Limited):

It’s on my second top list, I have received amount from it, I have never faced any issues from this bank too.

This bank also takes about 1 to 3 days to credit your amount into your bank account.
If Google or other Platform send you the amount on holidays, it may take longer than 5 or 6 days to get credited your amount into bank.

Required Things Before Receiving Your Online Payments into Your Bank Account:

Remittance Department = 021 (99217334-38)


NOTE: I have never talked to their remittance department. So, I really don’t know about their team behavior.


HBL – (Habib Bank Limited):

HBL is the very first bank that I used to receive my payments from Google AdSense. But it’s one of the worst bank in terms of receiving payments from AdSense.

WHY? Because other banks will credit your amount automatically, while HBL requires Remittance Form. Which you need to fill and then they will send this form to remittance department, than they will credit your amount.

If you don’t have time, and you are busy, I don’t’ recommend HBL.

Of course, you are going to receive your amount, but it takes Remittance Form to submit first then than you will receive your payments.

Required Things Before Receiving Your Online Payments into Your Bank Account:

Remittance = +92 (21111555425)


NOTE: HBL Remittance Deparment, Has alot of Good Stuff, But some of these are worse than Animals, They Treat Bad, But Not As Compared to ABL Remittance Deparment.





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  1. Dear,
    I had been receiving payment through WU in Pakistan. But in January I changed payment method to Wire transfer. I added my HBL account details. I received the payment but 30 dollars were less than the total payment sent by google. I want to know are there any hidden charges to receive payment in bank account? I had changed the method to WU again.
    But now I have to add Wire transfer method because google has stopped sending payments through WU in Pakistan.
    Please tell about charges.

    1. Hello Qaisar Abbas,

      No, There are no hidden charges, You need to contact the HBL remittance department about the issues, I have listed the phone number of the HBL remittance. I don’t suggest HBL bank account.

      Go for ABL Business Account, Its the best account, for receiving payments from Google AdSense.

      If you have a small portion of income coming from Google AdSense, I suggest WU, it’s not closed in Pakistan, it’s just a bug and now it’s solved.

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