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Black Friday History and Islamic Points of View

Black Friday (History And Islamic Points of View): According to Islamic Point of view Friday (Jumma Tul Mubarik) is given a Name “Syed ul ayyam” which means the Commander (Sardar) of all the days. On this special day of Friday there are many hadith narrated  but according to one of the hadith which says that Friday is the day given a value like EID (eid).


Black Friday سیاہ جمعہ‎

Who Introduced The Black Friday?

As many of you might not know that the European Countries have introduced the Black Friday, Which now affects the entire World Specially Islamic countries which follows the same idea introduced by Europeans to get things purchases on the Friday. As, you could see everybody whether he is from any country from Pakistan to USA everyone is talking about this news of Black Friday is the now the most viral news everywhere in the world.


What is this Day? What is it given this Name?

Now let’s go into the depth of this day. This day was celebrated since 19s which were started by Jews of American (USA) which is now super power. It started as the Gold market of (US) got crashed and they wanted to handle the situation which later on 24 September 1869 the day of Friday then they given this bright day a named  Black Friday to give the public everything in a very reasonable and cheap prices the equipment they want to purchase from the markets.

The Black Friday was indeed a plan by America and then Americans wanted to skip this day (Black Friday) But due to the Evil mind of the Jews, they always wanted to rule on the world which later in the year of 1952 Jews made the Black Friday as their cultural day.

Now this day is celebrated every year before the Christmas in the Month of November special in the last days of November Friday. So, that the people can get things equipment in very cheap rates (prices). And apart from that the Muslim Countries didn’t have the main plans of Jews and they also appreciated their Ideas and implemented them in Muslim Countries too.

Now the Question Arises here that if this offer facilitates the public so why does this day given a name like BLACK FRIDAY why not BRIGHT FRIDAY?

It is now so disappointed that many of Muslim countries companies have accepted this trend and they are offering same offers on this bright day. Those companies only want to grow their businesses and the people have no such an awareness why this trend is going so viral these days. Even every advertisement these days only discusses the Black Friday offers. Instead our Muslim Brothers and Countries could change the name to Bright Friday and then they could give these special offers to the public. In Islamic point of view Friday is considered the most blessing days and as a Muslim it’s our obligation not to violate the terms of Islam.

Would not it be better to give these offers on the EID so that the poor public can get everything they wanted why it does only celebrates on the last days of November on Friday just because it benefits the Jews.


Last Request To All Specially In Muslim States If You are Offering Such Offers On the Day Of Friday So Kindly Give it a Name as Bright Friday And As for As My Knowledge is Concerned Such a Offers Must be Given Before EID to Poorer & In Ramadan Not Only those offers for Electronics etc But For Wearing Food etc.   


Share this as much as you can so that it reaches to the Muslim brothers and bring some positive changes.

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