Bumps on Road to Success

I have read hundreds of startup/website/case studies in past years, and I can safely say only 10% of them achieved their goals without facing any Bumps.

90% of the people faced Bumps on their road to success. It’s like you planned for one scenario, and when you executed—the upside went down.

I failed for four consistent years while starting with this online marketing (SEO and website) thing (Yes, 4 Damn Years)

BTW I still don’t consider myself a success as my niche is huge, and I still try to learn every day (Allhamdulilah for everything)

But the thing is: I know most of you are failing at some things (Me Too). The difference is I’ve seen this before, and Now I am not exhausted because I know If I keep improving every day. I will be on the other side of the river soon.

Buy Boy, if it’s your first time: You are going to be broke, exhausted, doubting. It will hurt and won’t let you sleep.

In the end: just remember one thing, If you keep improving and keep coming back every day—you can win this. Don’t let your thoughts ruin your hard work, and give up on your plans.

Credit: Talha Wahid

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