The White House Wants to Know if You’ve been ‘Censored or Silenced’ by Social Media

It may seems little weird but Trump Administrations has been at war with social media giants.

Looking back to past year, The president Trump has accused various social media giants of censoring conservative voices, specifically targeting like Twitter, Google and Facebook.

Recently, White House has launched a Type Form Site that aims at gathering reports of social media censorship relating to political bias.

“SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS should advance FREEDOM OF SPEECH,” the minimalistic site reads. “Yet too many Americans have seen their accounts suspended, banned, or fraudulently reported for unclear ‘violations’ of user policies.”

Those who have been mistakenly banned or suspended by any of the major platforms, the 16 part questionnaire lets you choose from a list including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, while inquiring about specific tweets that were censored or accounts that were targeted.

Therefore, user are requested to submit screenshots and other supporting evidence and opt in for “President Trump Fight for Free Speech” after Entering Your Name, Email Address, Phone Number and Proving, They’re Real By Answering Few Questions about the Declaration of Independence (Take That, Robots).

What’s My Opinion? It’s my personal opinion and I don’t want anyone to believe or follow blindly, Everyone has it’s own opinion.

The way this new Type form site was launched, which gathers tons of details regarding any individual that supports online free speech.

They collect their personal details like, Phone Number, Name, Address, Email Address, And Some Technical Questions.

They might use these details in some sort of campaigns to attract more people to get him votes etc.

Let me know, what do you think of this all story? Commend below, THANKS!

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