How to Write an Article that Win Featured Snippets Every Time?

Featured Snippets are an excellent way to capture the first position on SERPs. It doesn’t require any backlinks, technical structure, or enormous amounts of SEO experience.

The only ingredients you need is creativity and some keyword research skills.

Today, I will show you the right way to optimize your articles that win featured snippets every time. I will also tell you the difference between a featured snippet and a rich snippet on google.

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So without any further ado, let’s get started.


These two terms are often confused with each other as most beginner-level SEOs don’t know the main difference between them. However, there’s a huge difference between rich snippets and featured snippets.

let’s begin with knowing the main difference between these two terms.

Rich Snippets can be of two types i.e. Rich Answers and Knowledge Graphs.

Rich answers:

Rich answers are merely the collection of information from one source. In other words, the search engine delivers the results in a more visual format as they want to give proper user experience to their users by making these rich answer boxes more appealing and accessible.

However, this does not mean that these types of data will be reliable or accurate at all times. You don’t need to waste time on writing and optimizing content for such types of queries because they don’t bring and traffic to your site due to direct one line answer.

Some examples of rich answers are as follow:

  • Mass of earth
  • charge on electron
  • Capital of Turkey… and the list goes on

Knowledge Graph:

A knowledge graph is a structured list of information that describes facts and the relations among things. Please keep in mind that it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a graph shape but you will most often get a list of images in an organized form.

Again this isn’t a featured snippet and you shouldn’t work too much to get it as it may not bring too much value for us (affiliate marketers)

Some examples of Knowledge graphs are as follow:

  • list of Denzel Washington Movies
  • List of the Walking Dead Seasons
  • Dirilis Ertugrul cast…. and other similar terms

Featured Snippet:

In contrast to a rich snippet, a featured snippet is a box that appears with the search results when you enter certain questions or queries on Google.

It will contain all information about your website’s content in a structured format. There are different types of Featured Snippets that you can win with your content.

we will learn how to optimize your articles for each type of featured snippets and get an edge over our competitors. Remember SEO is not about wearing a black mask with a black suit and sitting in front of computers running, them green codes, just like hackers in movies.

It is all about delivering the right information to the right person. You don’t need to follow some odd formulas and stuff that most people talk about in FB groups or on their youtube channels.

Luckily Google isn’t a human being but a machine that uses a bunch of algorithms in the form of scripts and codes so you can’t blame that poor piece of technology as a racist.

Just as I mentioned earlier, there are multiple types of featured snippets that you can win for your content.

Some of the main types of snippets are as follow:

  • Paragraph Featured Snippet
  • Numbered Featured Snippet
  • Bullet Featured Snippet
  • Table Featured Snippet

Credit: Imtiaz Nabi

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