How Digital Pakistan Can Reduce Corruption in Government Departments

Everyone is excited about Digital Pakistan, It can facilitate citizens and could reduce corruptions in Government Departments.

Today, I will be discussing a well known Government Department ‘Tehsil Quetta’, How people faces huge amount of problems, while transferring his/her Plots, Makkan etc.

There is no receipt provided to citizen, when the Tehsil Officers are charging the amount of money for land transferring.

This amount is way more taken from citizens as mentioned in Government Taxes and Records, it all goes to government employees not government.

Watch Video Below, How People Faces Problems Due to Tehsil Quetta Out Dated System:

There are different categories of people that faces certain issues while transferring their Plot, Land or Makkan.

  1. Investor
  2. Businessmen
  3. Real Estate Agent
  4. Citizens

When someone purchases a piece of land, he/she is required to go to Tehsil Quetta, Where they provide certain documents and according to (Square Feet / Acres) The Tehsil Quetta officer gives a price.

Please notice this prices are way higher than Actual Government Rates.

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(Its a request to Government to Please Digitalize land Transferring, Which could Inshallah Stop corruption)

What is Tehsil?

Tehsil is a Government Department, Where People Do Their Legal Works, For Example; If Someone Buys Property, He/She is Requested to go Tehsil for Land Transfer.

At Last, I hope this corrupt system of Tehsil Quetta, Get Solved Someday.

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