Pakistani Engineer Invented Electric Shock Sandals to Decrease Women Harassments

Recently, An engineer from Tando Jam University has developed an electronic smart shock sandals that helps to decrease women harassment in Pakistan.

The engineer who has developed this smart sandal is Raheel Sarwar is a software engineer student doing his PHD in Information and Technology at Tando Jam University.

In Short, Anyone Who Harass Women and If She is Wearing This Smart Sandals, He will have a strong current shock.

This smart sandals send the real time location along with other functions on the mobile app that are available for smartphone users.

Women can wear this weapon to protect herself with smart sandals.

Smart sandals maker Raheel and Abida say that:

The money spent on the manufacturing of smart sandals was Rs 12,000. However, if the government cooperates, every girl can be saved by bringing the cost of sandals down to Rs 1500 only.

This is really unique idea and proud moment for this Pakistan Engineer that he finally introduced something different!

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