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Facebook has been Collecting Audio from Voice Chats on Messenger and Pays Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Audio Chats

  • Facebook has collected huge amount of audio data from some users’ voice chats and sent it to a third party contractors to transcribe, bloomberg reported on Tuesday.

  • Facebook told that it collected audio from only those users, who have opted into having their chats transcribed.

  • Facebook doesn’t mention in its data use policies that it collects audio or sends the data to third parties.

  • Facebook has been under inspection for its privacy policies and recently has agreed to pay the Government over a $5 billion USD find in connection with its use of customer’s data.

  • Apple, Amazon, Google have been scrutinized for similar work.

Facebook Inc, has been collection audio chats from users and paying outside contractors to transcribe it.

Only those users are affected who have opted into having their voice conversation transcribed.


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