FBR Planning to Decrease Sales Tax up to 6% for Online Websites

There are few peoples who read this article may have an e-commerce website or an online shopping store. Most of them pay taxes and maybe the other doesn’t. But, if I tell you that the FBR also known as Federal Board of Revenue is providing you the facility of 6% sales tax.

You might be wondering that what would be the process you need to follow.

Well, the answer is they will provide you prescribed integrated software which may have to link with your website or installs inside your website for the further process.

The sales tax for the current time is of 17% but all those online services who will register to the FBR systems under FBR rules and provide the necessary data they can avail the facility of 6% sales tax.

Such websites shall be registered with the computerized system of FBR with following details including a domain name, Domain name provider, the name of service provider managing the website; and all the addresses of supply centers and warehouses.

The sale that is made through social media is also being in the FBR mind, and they can also avail the sales tax facility.

Besides that, the FBR has also given the chance to Textile and leather sectors to integrate with the FBR online system to get the benefit of the reduced rate of sales tax under the SRO 1125(1)/2011.

It is also to be keeping in your mind that all the online shopping stores which will not integrate themselves with FBR will not receive any kind of reduced sale tax.

So, it’s mandatory for you to keep your website integrated with the FBR online system, and earn the most from your online shopping store as others do.

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