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FIA Arrested Man For Trading Bitcoins in Peshawar (SAMAA NEWS)

  • FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) Has Arrested a Person From Peshawar, Who Trades Bitcoin.
  • The Person Was Arrested on Friday by FIA Officials.
  • Bitcoin Holders or Investors Are Worried.

FIA has also arrested two other suspects into their custody but later on they released them. These two suspects were students and were released after an inquiry.

They were told that using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is illegal within Pakistan, FIA Cyber Crime Additional Director Mr. Qazi Hameed Says, “Neither Student Took Any Money From the Public.”

For those who don’t know, what is bitcoin? let me clear that here.

Bitcoin is a type of crypto-currency or digital currency which allows peer to peer transactions.

Crypto-Currency is a medium of exchange and digital money that works using blockchain technology. Blockchain is a virtual ledger where digital transactions are stored.

Hameed Says, “There is no awareness about Bitcoin in Pakistan.”

Bitcoin is a digital currency and it is not accepted by any central bank. It does not have a legal entity.

People are usually getting to know about it via different social media platforms and investing it.

FIA officials have suggested the Citizens of Pakistan not to invest into Bitcoin, as it is a risky model of investment and the FIA officials are now notifying the public about it on different forums.

The FIA has also commented that the State Bank has given the information about 14 individuals who are involved in Bitcoin business in KPK. Those folks will be properly investigated.

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