Google Currency Converter – Good and Bad News for the Pakistani Peoples

On Tuesday last night, it was found in the google currency converter that the rates are decreases to around 76.25 Pakistani Rupee. The same thing showed by the converter for some other currencies as well.

The news has become good and bad for the people of Pakistan. Good for those who are expecting some better currency situations so they can run their business in a good profit margin, and bad for those who buy the currency on high-rates and thought about the heavy loss.

One of the most amazing thing that I am going to tell you is that the news is not real. It was a bug founded in the currency converter of Google. 

The news becomes so viral in Pakistan that most of the people feel happy, and thought that the miracle done by the new government.

On the other hand, Bing has also shown the same currency converter result to the users.

According to Pakistan today,

 Pakistan Today went the extra mile to discover that the dollar fall was but a bug in the systems of Morningstar.

Pakistani Currency Converter Last Night Pictures

google currency converter

google currency converter

google currency converter

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