(GOOGLE LISTED) 5 Reasons Why Foreigners To Invest in Pakistan

The Google’s Head of Customer Marketing for South Asia, Lars Anthonisen, who recently has described the Pakistan as the top most growing ‘digital-first country’ which will prove very soon to be an excellent investment place for entrepreneurs around the globe.

Lars Anthonisen, who has blogpost published on the Google, has listed the five reasons which makes Pakistan the best country for digital companies to put money in.

  • Rapidly Growing Population

According to Google Marketing, the very first reasons for his claim was Pakistan’s rapid population growing which will be very soon the fifth largest population in the world. Over 40% of the population which lives in the urban areas and has the access to Internet.

  • Entrepreneurs Contribution Big

Lars Anthonisen says that Pakistan would be fourth fastest growing economy by the end of 2030 and that the country’s entrepreneurship is gaining its ground and play a significant role in the country’s economy.

  • Rapid Increase in Smartphone Users

Lars has stated that more than 59 million people in Pakistan are smartphone users, and he also expects that the number of these will rapidly grow in the company days. He has also revealed that the massive chunk of YouTube users comes from Pakistan.

  • Internet Penetration

Lars makes a point which says that Pakistan’s overall internet usage is around 22% (44.6 million users out of 200 million population), According to Lars, YouTube watch time has grown to 60 percent over the last three years.

  • China’s Investment in CPEC

The Google’s officials who believes that the China’s investment into CPEC project could lay 820 kilometers of fiber-optic cable which will dramatically connect more and more users to the internet.

Credit:- Lars Anthonisen OFFICIAL BLOG POST

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