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How to Create Webmail Accounts In Your Cpanel Add Email Forwarder

Complete Guide to Webmail. How to Create Webmail? How to Add Email Forwarder? How to access Webmail?

What is Webmail?

Webmail is any email client implemented as web application is probably running via web server or web hosting that you have purchases from webhosting services providers. Few of the webmail software are Roundcube and SquirrelMail etc. Webmail is what I thing great for businesses to send the client email via their webmail address ie:- Examples of Webmail includes Mail, Gmail, Email, Outlook, Hotmail and many others.


How to Create Webmail?

Before actually creating a webmail you must have website web hosting where your website directories are located. You need to login into your cpanel LIKE: you might have the same URL for login to your Cpanel or might be different that doesn’t matter. What matters is after login to your cpanel website hosting there you would see couple of amazing options. You need to click on Email Account OR Webmail. In few CPanel you probably will see Email Account Icon or in few you might see Webmail well both are the same. Just click on it. And you will probably see the options Add Email Account You need to type the Email  ie. (Your Desired Name then your domain name is your domain and info is my desired name) Then type your Password then the last step is to set up the Mailbox Quota You can chose 250 MB OR Unlimited it totally depends on you in this nugget I selected unlimited & then click to create Account. You are all set now.


How to Access Webmail?

As you have created your Webmail now you actually need to access your webmail where you can send emails etc. So you need to Click on More menu which must be shown down below after creation of your webmail. And then Click on Access Webmail after clicking it will redirect you to the webmail and click on Ok and then actually you have 3 Options to set your webmail use Horde, Roundcube, SquirrelMail as your Default Webmail you can choose anyone that is suitable for you.

How to Add Email Forward in Webmail?

 After Accessing Webmail Now it’s time to Add Email Forwarder And for that you need to click on the very first option which says ( and click on Forwarder. And then you will be redirected to another page where you probably will see the Add Forwarder menu & press enter on that. And the last step is to type your Email  and click Add Forwarder.

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