How to install Turbo C++: Compile and Run a C++ Program

How to install Turbo C++: Compile and Run a C++ Program: Hello, Everyone today i am going to share with you Guys that how to install Turbo C++, How to Run and Compile the Turbo C++. You will need to Understand that computer Machine Can only and only understand the Machine Language. If you want to convert your C++ program source code to Machine Code, First you will need to Compile it in Turbo C++, That will converts source code to Machine Code. 

Download Link=> Download Turbo C++ For Windows 

First Step: You will need to locate the TC.exe File and Open it. Then you will find out at the location C:\TC\BIN\.

2nd Step: File > New (That is shown in the Above Picture) And Write Your C++ Program.


void main()


cout<<” Hello World ! “;




3rd Step: If you want to save the Program then use the key (F2) Key, And remember that the extension Should be (C).


4th Step: If you want to Compile your Program Press the (Alt + f9) Key.Shown in the Picture below.


5th Step: If you want to Run your Program then Press (Ctrl + f9) Key to run the C++ Program. As Shown in the Picture Below.


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