How to Smart Read Books

In this fast-growing world. We are consistently in competition with the world. So, we have to better in the competition to win the competition. And one of the ways to do that is to read more. We have heard highly intelligent people read more than the average people. And why not if you can get smarter in a weak on your bed is by reading.

But know a day we have made our library our place of trophies and each book we read we consider it a trophy. And why shouldn’t you while you have given the book so much of your time and effort. But in this competition, we forget to absorb the information in our minds. All the efforts go in vein when we try to read the whole library in a day. Or finish 3 books per weak. We try to read more but not learn more.

We intend to read self help and business book a lot but not apply the information. Highly intelligent people Smart Read books. They get better with each book they read. They learn new things with each book they read.

Smart reading is better than speed reading. Have you ever felt that you have read 10 books and didn’t get something new? Are you the person who have read all the books that highly intelligent people recommend but still you are the same? Nothing mind blowing have happened to you. or you have not learnt anything new.

You need to know you are reading the books but not getting anything from them. Because you want to only to read but not learn. Today I will share with you some tip and tricks and some advice on how to read better and get more from the book.

Smart Reading

Today I will show you how to read books smarter. If you apply the methods provided to you there is a fair chance that you will extract more form a book than others.  I will tell you the mistakes you are making and how fix them. I will tell you how to detect the book. If it has the knowledge of your interest. And how long you should read etc.


First of all, we should discuss the most important of them all. Time one of the most important thing. How much time would you give to it? Which time in the day would you read?  These questions are one of the most important questions to answer if you want to make reading as habit. And less pain in the butt if you are a beginner.

So let’s first solve the problem with time. Grab a notebook or page and pen. I know that will be kind of awkward but if you are too busy you can just write them and think on them later this day.


N#1: which time in a day your mind is peaceful?

On this question I need you to visualize your day. And think what time in the day you are at complete peace. For me its morning when everyone is sleeping.


N#2: How many minutes can I read?

This question is a practical question. And for this take a book that’s not of your interest. Which bores you the moment you look at it. You may be thinking “Why is he telling me to take a book that you hate” that because there will be books that will make you bored. And by picking a book you hate you are making your brain stronger you are following the quote.

“what doesn’t kill you make you stronger”

By this if you train yourself you can read any book that you like or don’t like. And sit down and read that book how many minutes you read that book. They may be 5 minutes or above or 10 minutes. So, don’t be ashamed 10 mins is also very useful and we will make these 10 mins effortless for you in the next step. Pick you number and  write it down on a paper or type it somewhere.

 N#3: Divide it by 3

In this step take the number you came up with and divide it by 3. Why am I telling you to divide it by 3 you will find out? Know let do the math my number is 10 minutes and if I divide it by 3 I will get 3.3 minutes. Let say 4 mins not a huge number huh. Like you just spent 4 minutes searching for cat videos. And spent an hour watching them then 4 minutes seem to be very less. so, know we have divided the time which we can read and divided it by 3.

Know what I need you to do is spread the 4 minutes or whatever your number is in your day. So, youare spreading 12 mins in your day. Like let just say in the morning with breakfast, in the afternoon with lunch or after lunch. And before dinner.

I need you to write what times you came up with. And I need you to give that time in my example 4 mins or 3 mins to reading. In the end of the day you would have read 12 mins of book without an effort but rather with enjoyment.

But my suggestion is to at least read for 9 minutes. Every day if you read way less I want you to give it 3 minutes three times in the day.

By this way you will make your reading effortless. If you number is high like 30mins or 60 mins just divide them by three. and spread them in your day. In this way you not can learn more. But you can do it effortlessly. Of course, raise the number of minutes by time but do it slowly


How to know if the book has the knowledge of my interest.

This is also one of common question people ask. Especially, when you read the books 400 pages and then find out the book was just a waste of time. This is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to you. So what you should do?

I have a technique for you. read the first chapter and last chapter to know if the book is of your interest or not.  and also read the summaries of the chapters. This will take you some time but it definitely is better than reading 400 pages of a book and feeling frustrated.


Which books should I read?

Are you the person who is looking for the most recommended books of all time I was that kind of a person. So, I have 4 categories of books you can consider applying in your life. In these 4 categories you can visualize your life cycle and these categories will have all that you will need to succeed. We have not ranked which category is better than the other all of them are equally important.


N#1: Happiness and Fulfillment.

Fulfilment and happiness are one of the biggest parts of our life. We are either not fulfilled with what we do or not happy with our life. This category should only be based on you life’s fulfilment and happiness. There is nothing worse than a person who have everything and still not happy and fulfilled.

N#2: Finance, Wealth & Career

In this category. All you will study you finances how money works. About you career. About you passion. Basically, this category will be for your professional life.

N#3 health

The next category is for your health. Your health is on of the most important part of you. In this category you will read all about how to manage your health and how to keep you body. You will know how to double your energy in a very short period of time if you study your health.

N#4 Relation, Friends and Love

In this category you will all read about how to manage your relations. How to make more friends. How to love you loved one more.

It is the way to categorize your books and how I categorize my books. But you should always have category for fun. In sometimes have a fiction book when you feel tired read a fiction. Or when you are on your weekend you should read a fiction book and chill out.


Should I read 50 books per year.

So the question is, “I heard that Bill Gates and read 50 plus books in a year which means he read 1 book per weak” Yes you have heard right all the rich and intelligent people read around 50 books per year. But it is not necessary for you to read the same amount of books. They have trained themselves. They are well trained people. But you should not look to the quantity of books rather you should look to the quality of books that you can have. quality beats quantity. What I suggest read at least 2 books per month which should be less pain in your butt. If you are a beginner you must read 1 book per month. The volume of the books is not that important but however, volume is more knowledgeable. You should focus on making it as effortless as possible.

“Make it that much easy that your Grandmother should be able to do it”

Should I reread the books I have read.

Yes you should. As a matte of fact list 10 to 20 books that you will reread throughout your life.

“Treat a good book like good friend visit him again and again”

These books should be with you throughout your life. And there is no barrier that they only should be about finance. You should always have Biographies, some classical books (books that are at least 50 to 100 years old), and pure how to and religious books in your book shelf.


Should I read a book when my purpose is completed?

We all look at books like we have to read 1 book and finish that and read the other book. Let say if it is a thick book and you have many golden nuggets in your hand then you should keep that book in your book shelf and start another one and sometimes later revisit the book. It’s all about knowledge not about the number of pages that you finish. You should always looks for the stuff that will make you better. if you had only one point that you could apply in your life it’s a success.

Books are for you should not think of books like duty rather make it fun and enjoyable. How would you feel picking up a book and having a smile on your face? That smile is because you are reading because you want to not because you have to.



Preparation is most helpful when you want to take all the important and key knowledge the book.
just keep a highlighter with yourself or in my case I take notes. Highlight the stuff that catch your eye the most and the points that will give you the most information and that you can apply in your life and highlight them and write something that resonates with you. It can be 2 or 3 words or a sentence which when you ever look at you get the information in seconds.

Know what you are looking for when you are reading the book. Read the paragraphs first and last sentence and zoom in the middle to know what it’s all about.

Skimming is not a crime. If you don’t like you can skip up to 80 percent of the paragraph in a page if they are not anything near your interest or are stories that you are interested in.


Should I Read book slow or fast?

Many people get confused in reading slow or fast. There is not of a difference if you are a slow reader its completely fine. And if you read book fast that’s cool but it’s totally the same.

Category wise you should read Finance book and How to books fast because they have mostly stories that will not benefit you. Read classical books slow and read Auto biographies the slowest. Finance books or how to books have mostly unimportant stuff that makes the book thick. Classical books that exist today are proven to have nuggets and things everyone can benefit from. And autobiographies the slowest because there are no stories everything is pure and up to point.

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