Importance of College Drops Nearly 50% Among Adults

If you were not worried about the United State’s higher education, you should be worried now.

Because, when it asked adults, how important is college education today, around 41% of United States Adults, aged between 18 to 26 say “VERY IMPORTANT,”.

When compared to 2013, 74% of students said the same, the gap is now 45%.

This point can be a serious disaster for youth and country education.

Well, Instead of discussing these serious issues, let find out here the reasons behind this drop and highlight some opportunities to address them here:

#1: College Cost:

College is way more expensive to afford,  tuition fee goes roughly 400% since 1990 and rising more than twice the rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Purdue University is leading way here by showing that you can easily increase your competitiveness while keeping your tuition flat for eight years.

Where there’s is a will there’s a way!

But, higher education hasn’t had the will to reduce the expenses. Now, it has no choice.

Instead of employers offering advantages like students load debt repayment for graduate they hire (which does nothing to encourage colleges to reduce costs), They began to do more partnerships with universities.

#2: Doubts About Work Readiness of Graduates:

Very few people believe that college graduates are well prepared for success in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the United States College Score Poorly based on the percentage of graduates who leave with applied work experience and long term projects. 

Well, colleges and universities can afford to stop their building new buildings and start building the scaffolding for students to succeed in their careers.

Is a college degree losing value?

As more people are interested pursuing their college degrees, it is now harder for employers to maintain the wage premiums they currently offer to college graduates. So, It is losing its values and it will continue to lose further.

Is College a Waste of Time and Money?

Is a college education worth the cost?

College is Worth the Cost, Researches have shown the value of College Education. According to the Georgetown University Study, College Graduates Earn $1 Million More in Lifetime earnings than High School Graduates.

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