Jeff Bezos – Divorce News After 25 Years Impacts on Amazon

Jeff Bezos was born in New Mexico and raised in Houston, Texas. He is at the top of the world richest person list. News of his divorce is surrounding from Wednesday morning. Still, there is no specific reason mentioned by both couples.

In his Twitter account, he posted that,

He is best known for founding one the most successful giant product selling website Amazon. He is currently at the top spot with $136.2 billion worth. 

There is the most confusing side of this story which will really amaze and shock you. The couples are living in the Washington state, and it is also said that the rules of the state allow the family to divide the property.

It is still not confirmed about the property sharing, as it can be expected for now that Jeff already created any Testation with his wife.

The news is no doubt very sad and painful as they both were a strong bond from the past 25 years, and his wife spends ups and downs with husband.

According to Forbes,

If MacKenzie Bezos, 48, does indeed receive half of her husband’s assets, she would be worth more than $68 billion, making her the fifth-richest person in the world. Even a 1% payout would constitute one of the largest divorce settlements in history.

CNBC News About Jeff Bezos Divorce

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