Kayi Qabila or Pakistan

  • Ertugrul Drama Season 2 or Episode 15, Just Watched Real Story on This Episode.

Ertugrul kept convincing his brother that the enemy(Mongols) is preparing to attack the kayi Qabila and will plunder their entire resources and they won’t spare the tribe just like they didn’t spare the rest of the tribes.

On contrary Ertugral brother has the exact same philosophy as that of our establishment and most learnt man in Pakistan.

He argued that the tribe has suffered too many wars and have lost too many Jawaans/soldiers and the tribe can no more take the burden of another war as war destroys everything and never helps one to go ahead.

Therefore he argued that we should focus on trade and commerce and don’t worry about the Mongols as they are too powerful with all the latest weaponry and huge army and we should never challenge it’s might.

Ertugral argued that you can do trade and commerce only when you have the option to live as a free man and not as a slave by surrendering to might on earth.

Wars are fought with courage and strategy and not with resources only. We need to break their spy network and cut their trade routes.

But the so called intellectual brother of Ertugral kept stubborn on his philosophy that is the philosophy of most scholars of Pakistan and establishment too that we should focus on our selves and never challenge the might.

Once we become economically strong we can then look them in the eyes.

After failing to convince his brother, Ertugral said something that was the voice of my heart also : “Brother you are a coward! I didn’t know you would have so much fear in your heart”

Hearing that the intellectual but coward elder brother of Ertugral punched him several times in his face but Ertugral did not react and kept asking to beat him as long as the dead soul in his brother me resurrect but that coward kept punching him.

When that coward remained stubborn and even marked all his past victories as blunders, Ertugral punched him in response to let him know that : “you no more deserve to be called a brother”

Moral: A coward always run after comfort while a Warrior always run towards eternal comfort by eliminating the hurdles first.

Moral 2: A fox and a Lion can both take birth in the same family.

After looking at Pakistan and it’s 70+ years history, its policy makers and its scholars and its defensive approach on enemy strikes, all I see is a lost country that wants comfort by ignoring the enemy.

We lost Bangladesh, we lost kashmir, we lost love and faith in the hearts of people living in balochistan and Fata, we lost trust in the eyes of our muslim neighbour states, but yet our military believes the biggest war is not on grounds but it is the so called fifth generation warfare and it belives it can be fought with millinaghmas.

May Allah give courage and intellect to our establishment to focus on fighting the real enemy at borders and international with an attack-first strategy instead of showing its strength to civilians by sending black vigos and updating their software.

There is no god but Allah and there is none to be afraid of but Allah the Lord of the Universe.

No one has ever attained success by surrendering to might on earth by selling its soul I.e sacrificing its honor, dignity and values as UAE did and many future states will do.

If turkey and Pakistan did not engage in direct armed conflict with Israel (the biggest terrorist on earth) and its allies before 2030 than they will leave behind nothing but eternal ENSLAVEMENT & disgrace.

Credit: M. Mustafa Ahmedzia

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