Learn from the Professionals Too

It’s just a reminder because the schools and Universities told us “You can only learn from the Teachers”, RIGHT?

Still not getting the point? Here it is…

If you are learning content writing then 99% of the people would select a teacher like Youtuber/Blogger who teach you How to write content, right?

BUT Learning from professional is a different thing: You can make a list of the world’s top content writers and start learning from their work (Read their content with the mindset of learning their pattern, engaging tone, writing style, words, vocabulary, and more)

That’s how you learn from the professionals…

Another example: If you want to make high-quality videos. Don’t just watch the lectures on video editing & content creation.

Also, consider watching the Top Video creator’s content on repeat and make notes on their work (Angles of their videos, Tone, graphics, introduction length, and more…)

Next time, When you are learning a skill and saving money/time for a fancy course. Consider asking yourself if you tried watching the work of professionals in that niche YET?

P.S: I learned some extraordinary things using this approach and You can too

Credit: Talha Wahid

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