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NASA Confidential Employees Massive Data Breach

I will not hesitate to inform you about the biggest firm in the world also faced a data breach.

The firm is non-other than NASA the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The news of Data breach was confirmed by the NASA themselves as they saw a third-party influence on their former and current employee’s personal data.

A written note was sent to the employees by the NASA in which they mentioned about the third-party excess on the server and exploring the personal data of the employees.


You might be wondering about the former employee’s data as they must have to be deleted but the thing that amazes you is that NASA keeping the data of all those employees who left, transferred or for any other reason from July 2006 to current time, but the thing is that their Data is compromised.

Hackers are becoming a red alert for small and large-scale firms and agency like NASA is the biggest example for us.

NASA somehow informed that they are working a secure pattern with the collaboration of the Cybersecurity teams for their firms in order to not face the same thing in the future.

But this is not the first time as they also faced the same issue back in 2016 in which the agency 275 or more GB of data was theft by the hacker.

There are some tweets you can see to confirm the news.

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