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PTA Has Blocked Over 800,000 Websites Due to Objectionable Content in 2 Years

From 2017, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has blocked more than 800,000 websites and web pages that had unsuitable and objectionable content.

According to the official numbers displayed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, “More than 800,000 pornographic websites, 50,000 websites for hosting anti-judiciary content, about 50,000 web-pages for blasphemous content and 1100 websites have been blocked for promoting anti-state content.”

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority under the prevention of Electronic Crimes Act has the authority to block any website which does not meet the Social and Religious accepted.

Blocking Procedure

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has built up a web portal to determine especially which content would be blocked in Pakistan.

This portal will give also access to more than 30 Government Departments to report any website. The regulator could then review the complaint and After that take strict action according to its capability.

Suppose if you are going to complain against any content from the web, Every individual can file a request on

Telecom operators have been said to keep an eye on the content uploaded on the internet and report any offensive content.

Blocked Websites

Categories Dailymotion Facebook Misc. Twitter YouTube Total
Anti-state 47 3345 884 719 69 5064
Anti-judiciary 24 3086 52 1296 70 4528
Blasphemy 212 8299 18296 2612 5070 34489
Defamatory/Impersonation 12 524 121 167 62 886
Miscellaneous 3 350 2270 15 1015 3653
Pornography 25 407 768610 811 17 769870
Proxy  – 9 10177 1 9 10196
Sectarian/Hate Speech 3 1348 245 160 85 1841

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has been active and took action against objectionable content. The bad news is that Online propaganda against Polio vaccination had become a headache for the government.

After that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority asked Facebook to take strict action against them.

Due to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Facebook took down more than 30 pages spreading false propaganda against the polio vaccine.

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