PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 Download

The long-awaited PUBG Mobile 1.7 update has finally arrived. Several intriguing new features have been introduced to the game.

The Gaming Industry has evolved drastically in the past few years throughout the world. In the past, the parents who used to blame their children for playing games were the ones who used to encourage them a lot. The reason behind this is that many people have started to earn bread and butter from this industry. As a result, a whole Corporation has been built that promotes gaming in the entire world.

Apart from its Financial Benefits, many experts say that playing games improve an individual’s analytical thinking compared to those who don’t usually play games. In other words, games tend to help people make strategies, which is outstanding for an individual for various reasons.

Download: PUBG Mobile APK 1.6.0 Download

Are you the one who wants to play a game where the Analytical thinking of your mind would improve with whatever is provided in front of you?

If so, then playing PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 would be the best option for you in the market. This is because it comes with a Brilliant Feature that improvises the playing experiences for an individual regarding the Battle Field type of Games.

What IS PUBG APK? And How Many Version has been Released?

PUBG’s full Abbreviation is Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds. The game is all about entering inside the map, where you will see around 99 other competitors fighting against each other to win the Chicken Dinner. Chicken Dinner is the Award usually got by a person who survives till the end of the game.

Playing this game alone or with other partners is dependent upon you. Let say you want to challenge your expertise in this Game; then you have the option to get into the Map alone without taking the help of other partners.

However, you should know that nobody can save you by providing you with the healing power whenever you get injured. Compared to that, playing this game with other partners will help you to heal every time you get hurt. Meanwhile, you can get a backup as well to fight against the other opponents.

The PUBG Comes with a lot of features that are advanced and basic. The advanced ones are premium, and you have to purchase them through the UC. UC is the credit set by the Developers of this Game to buy anything. You can easily buy UC from a Credit or Debit Card. Else, you can pay other players, and they will transfer it to your accounts.

Besides that, PUBG is playable on both Mobile Phones and PC. Install the games individually on both platforms to enjoy playing them with others without any issues. Within the PUBG, you can Play in Map with 99 other Peoples, TDM (Group of maximum 4 Opponents on each side), and various other modes.

As long as the Versions are concerned, the PUBG is constantly upgrading its Game to provide a better experience to the players. With every new version, you have to slightly see a change in the gameplay, which impacts playing. Right Now, the following is a list of PUBG APK versions introduced for the Players.

  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.0.2.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.1.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.2.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.3.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.4.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.5.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.6.0.
  • PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0.

The above-listed PUBG Mobile APK Versions are the ones that have been officially released from the game publishers. Each version has improved maps, Controlling, Graphics, Weapons, and many other things upgraded.

However, the latest version that we want to talk about here is the PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0. What has come up with this feature, and how interesting would this game be for you? Let’s discuss it in detail in this article.

PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 Fully Explained:

You would be pretty sure about all of the introduced functions in the PUBG mobile APK versions. Like the ones that were normal in every performance.

However, some of them were changed slightly. But, the new 1.7.0 version has some interesting things to be discussed. So what are those important things (Features)? Let’s discuss them.

Carry Function:

In the past, any teammate who got injured needed healing, so the other person had to come to the injured person, or the injured person had to go to the other teammate to revive.

Throughout the time, the one alive doesn’t have the option to carry the player and take him to the safe point immediately to revive them and remain safe from other opponents.

In a place where all of the opponents are keep attacking, the chances of reviving the players tend to be reduced.

However, the PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 came up with the Carry function to easily carry the other person to another place.

Moreover, the carry function is also allowed for the enemy you have killed, and now you want to loot all of their weapons.

Remember, whenever you are using the Carry functions, you can’t run fast, collect supplies, enter combat, use consumables, enter vehicles, and many more. You can’t run fast.

Moreover, whenever you carry the other person, there will be no control over putting them down or where you should go.

Meanwhile, you can only put them down when a button appears on the screen.

Mirror World:

The new model is introduced in the 1.7.0 version, where you can easily travel towards the Mirror islands. After that, you have the capabilities to change the Characters depending upon the needs and demands. Also, you can collect several other monsters meanwhile that are available in the game.

New in-Game Cosmetics:

The Developers of this game have introduced new Game skins for the people who are interested in them. If you want to get them, then you have to get the Royal Pass for that.

Older Modes are re-introduced:

The old PUBG APK like Survive Till Dawn, Metro Royale, and Vikendi were re-introduced in this version. Therefore, you will see many of the changes, improving your experience with this game.

Combat Changes:

  • VSS: Weapon’s Damage slightly increased.
  • Mini14: Long Range Damage Increased.
  • SKS: Bullet Speed Increased along with the recovery speed.
  • SLR: Increased Bullet Speed along with Recovery Speed.
  • DP28 rebalanced: Reduced Headshot Damage, Long-range Reduced Damage, Bullet Speed Reduced.

Weight Reduction 7. mm rounds:

The Weight of the 7. mm single round has changed to 0.6.

How to Install PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0?

APK modes are not the ones that you get from the App store. Therefore, you would have to install them with the help of some tricks. So what are those Tricks? Let’s elaborate on them in examples.

Download PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 Now

Download PUBG Mobile APK 1.7.0 Now

Step 1: First, find the best PUBG mobile APK 1.7.0 version online and download it onto the mobile phone.

Step 2: After the download is complete, the next thing you should do is install it on your mobile. Normally, the APK modes are third-party apps that have no relation to your Smart device. In-App stores, the apps you download are already reliable, and there would be no need for permissions for that. But with the APK, you have to allow permission for the installation reasons. For approval, it will guide you to go to a specific setting and turn the permission on.

Step 3: After you have provided the permission, the next thing important for you is to launch the game. At this point, the game is already installed on your mobile phone. Now, all you need is to play and check if everything is working perfectly fine or not.

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