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Scripting Errors

Scripting Errors: Web applications, programs, and code such as Common Gateway Interface (CGI), ASP.NET and JavaServer Pages (JSP) are commonly in use in web applications and present their own issues.

Vulnerabilities such as a lack of input validation scripts can be a liability. A savvy hacker can use a number of methods to cause grief to the administrator of a web application, including the following:

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Upload Bombing: Upload bombing uploads masses of files to a server with the goal of filling up the hard drive on the server.

Once the hard drive of the server is filled, the application will cease to function and will crash.

Poison Null Byte Attack: A poison null byte attack passes special character that the scripts may not be designed to handle properly.

When this is done, the script may grant access where it should not otherwise be given.

Default Scripts: Default scripts are often uploaded to servers by web designers who do not know what they do at a fundamental level.

In such cases, an attacker can analyze or exploit configuration issues with the scripts and gain unauthorized access to a system.

Sample Scripts: Web applications may include sample content and scripts that are regularly left in place on servers.

In such situations, these scripts may be used by an attacker to carry out mischief.

Poorly Written or Questionable Scripts: Some scripts have appeared that include information such as usernames and passwords, potentially letting an attacker view the contents of the scripts and read these credentials.

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