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Windows 10 – How To Set Thumbnail Image For A Video (2019)

You May Know that Thumbnail is a term that is used by photographers and graphic designers for a limited representation of a Bigger Image. The  File Manager of Windows 10 File Explorer Also shows you Thumbnails For all files unless File Doesn’t Notice. Videos have the thumbnail and unless an Exact thumbnail is set for it.

How To Set Thumbnail Image For A Video

If you are going to set thumbnail image for a video then you can do it with lots of Application. But today I am going to share with you one of the best one “Tag Editor”.

Tag editor is open source and free application you can download from “Github“. You will need to Download and extract the file. You may Find EXE inside the bin folder in your operating system (Windows 10).

If you are going to set Thumbnail image then I will recommend you to open the app. And Copy the video that you want to set a thumbnail image.

The thumbnail image to this same folder One with the Tageditor.exe file in it for the cover image in your Operating System. Then you will be able to Extract a Frame from the video and you can use it as a thumbnail. you can also create the custom image that depends on you. 

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You will need to Use it via “Command Prompt” For that you will Need to Open Command Prompt. Then use CD command to move the extracted application folder in your operating system.

Individually the bin Folder. Sooner, You can open command prompt  Indoors the bin folder by pressing cmd in the location bar in File Explorer. 

You will need to run the command down after you change the extension and name of a cover image and video. Whatsoever your own video and cover image is called.

tag editor -s cover=my-cover.jpg –max-padding 125000 -f My_video.mp4

To be Sunny, You will need to replace  “my-cover.jpg” and ‘My_video.mp4’. Tap enter, The new thumbnail will be set within a few seconds.

Tap enter

That will display the new thumbnail If you are going to view the file in File Explorer, that you have set for video.

Display thumbnail

If you Have Any Question you may Ask in the Comment Section Below. 

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