Smart Speed Reading

Speed reading is the one skill many of the intelligent people have developed. Speed reading is like a super human skill. In my view every one should master this skill. You can do so much more if you can read faster. But its not only about reading fast but absorbing the information faster.

For example, if there is some one let say he can read 100 words per minute and there is another person who can read 200 words per minute. Who do you think can learn more? The second person will be almost at double speed looking to the first one In terms of learning.

This was just an example. The world fastest reader ever encountered was Howard Berg who could read up to 25,000 words per minute. In mean that a lot if he reads for 40 minutes he can finish a book with 1 million words. And he himself have also written 2 best selling books.

Think of speed reading as a skill everyone can develop it. You just need to practice smart and practice hard. Speed reading can open your ways to a lot of ways. You can learn so much more in a very little of a time. You wouldn’t be scared of what size is of the book that you are reading.

Today I will share with you some of the easiest tip and tricks that will make you finish your books even faster. You can call this smart speed reading this point we are going to teach you is are scientifically proven. These tricks will help you read faster and smarter. And concentrate better and learn more. These tips help you finish your book faster and learn more.

All these tip and ticks are taken from the people who have done it. Some of these tips may feel like cheating. But you are cheating nobody.


N#1: Table of Content, Reviews, Chapter summaries.

This trick will help you know what kind of knowledge you will be getting. What other people say about the book is also one of the important things. why read it yourself when you can just take the reviews of other saying if it is a worth of your time.

Remember we said we will show you how to read fast and how to read smart. You have to choose wisely which type of information you will be stuffing in your brain.

You have to choose the best food for your brain.

And the next read chapter summaries. This will help you have a brief look on what you will get in the chapter but in brief. From the summary you can choose rathe you should read the chapter with full concentration or not.  you may be thinking “what with concentration or not” let me explain what I meant by those words. What I meant was if you concentrate on something way more you may get tired very quickly. What you need to do is to focus you concentration on the stuff that really will help you. by this you would develop a habit of concentration on the important stuff only rather the things that are not important yet you are reading them.


N#2: Don’t Sub-vocalize

The next tip is also the tip that don’t let us read as fast as we can. But in someway we have trained our selves to sub-vocalize when we were kids. And we would go to school. The teacher would tell us to read out loud. And for centuries studentskids at an early age. We are told to read out loud. Basically, to read out loud each word we see. So we are trained to read words and read them loud in our brains. I sometime this habit makes place in our sub-conscious like any other bad habit.

If you see something similar about all the habit whether they are good or bad. They are triggered from environment, people, or an act. If you are a smoker and you have you first cigarette with you morning coffee. There is a great chance that you will smoke in that time. And when you will be quitting. You will have to quit your morning coffee too. because the coffee is working like a switch for you this bad habit.

So it’s kind of the same in this case too. you will unconsciously read out loud when ever you are reading. Try it yourself. Pick a book and read with a voice you can hear. And count the words you have read. And now read with you mouth closed and read it in your mind. You will realize that both of the styles have the same reading speed.


How to terminate Sub-vocalization:

Sub-vocalization like any bad habit can be prevented and stopped. There are many way to stop sub-vocalization. I will show you 1 way to stop sub-vocalization.


1: keep you mouth busy 

To finish any kind of bad habits all you have to do is create distractions that will make a distraction and you will be distracted so distracted that you will never notice nor feel to do the bad habit. And also for sub-vocalization all you need to do is to create a distraction. But the distraction should not be so big that you would not be able to concentrate. So, the first thing you can do is to keep your mouth busy with something that can be chewing gum. Or you physically holding or touching the tip of your tongue. But the one that is logical to me is to eat something that need to be chewed. Or chew a soft stick. Or bite your pencil. This way will keep your mouth busy so you can read faster. But notice that when you will be terminating sub-vocalization it will be a bit hard to read or understand. But you have to be consistent with this exercise. For it to work.


N#3: listen to some thing non-lyrical

Studies have shown this. When you listen to something which do not have no lyrics to it will help you concentrate better. you can listen to anything from classical music to white noise but I recommend white noise more.

White noise can be anything from frequency ways to the sound of nature or even the noises of a coffee cafe. You may be thinking” I like pop all the other cool music I don’t like classical music” for you there are no other ways if you are so addicted to listening pop you should just not listen to music at all. But you should try listening to pop when you are reading fiction story.  A story about revenge, love or anything because they are no self help nor how to manage your company kind of books. They are in the end of the day a fiction book.


N#4: Use a Pointer

What do I mean by use pointer? I meant use something which your eyes will follow from word to word.
our brains tend to reread each sentence but this happens so fast that we don’t even recognize it. So what a pointer does is prevents us from rereading the sentence over again. 


What is a pointer?

A pointer is anything that is straight and handy. You can use a pencil as a pointer or you can use a pen or a stick as a pointer but the one I would recommend is to use your finger as a pointer. This alone with fasten your reading speed because you are not rereading your sentence.


N#5 Learn to see group words

What do I mean about it is that you should be able to see group words that are commonly used in books and learn to see them all together.

For example, read this “The Statue of Liberty is the most beautiful statue I have ever seen” you are able to read the Statue of Liberty faster than any other three words in the sentence. Train your self to see three or two words at a time.


N#6 Cheat Reading paragraph

What do I mean by this? The real name of this was quite boring so I thought let spice these things up. Basically, it is to read the first sentence and the last sentence of a paragraph and look at the middle.
this trick is wonderful at least for me.

 I can cut off too many useless paragraphs using this technique.Plus this trick is also useful in finding out the best paragraph of the book. And I will show you how you can do that in the upcoming techniques.


N#7: Gliding

Gliding is a technique similar to the burn the boats technique. In this technique you can take a card it can be any card your credit card, business card or even a stiff page.

For this technique all you have to do is to. Take a card or a page that should be able to cover the whole page. Start from the start and glide down slowly. you would be covering all the sentences that you have read and you would be burning the boats as you have only one chance to read the sentences.

So you would be bound to concentrate on the sentences and as you can’t read the sentences you have read. It will make your concentration and speed faster.


N#8: Skimming and Scanning

This technique need some time to master but it’s a cool technique. This technique is quite easy when you understand how to use it.

For the first part open the page that you will read and give yourself 10 seconds to skim the page just look for any high lights or diagrams that catch you eye then go to the next page.

When this is complete know go back to the pages that you had skimmed and know scan them. Basically, for scanning all you have to do Is scan the pages and concentrate on the highlights and diagrams that you noticed in the first place.


N#9 Challenge Yourself

The last one is the most valuable one of them all. Challenge yourself everyday every time you pick your book up challenge yourself. If you have 100 words per minute speed all you have to do is challenge yourself to reach the next goal then you have to challenge yourself to reach the other goals don’t stop keep moving and keep reading.

Smart speed reading is a skill and you can develop it. You have to do this consistently its not important for you use all of them. Choose which one you want to try and try that. Don’t think you have to do everything to reach the top you only have to do them consistently.


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