Takhleeq – A New Incubator for the Start-ups

Two main things rising all around the world are Entrepreneurship spirit and the trend of Startups. There are different incubators working daily for making their mark as soon as possible in the top list.

There is a strong relationship between the startups and the incubators. The reason for this is because of the environment and financial support for achieving any interesting startup idea.

If you won’t be successful in turning your idea into a successful business then you can keep the idea of incubation center at the top of the list.

Takhleeq is also a new business incubator, it is an emerging startup eco-system founded in Pakistan recently.

The physical location of this incubation center is in the University of Central Punjab, the only purpose of creating this incubator is to promote the trendiest spirit which is entrepreneurship in the students of UCP, in the large Punjab group of colleges community, and across the city.

They are providing some of the most amazing workplaces to the start-ups, and also providing some amazing lectures to the start-ups, which would help them to achieve their goals.

There is also a facility of the one-on-one coach from some of the top industry experts.

One of the most amazing things this new incubator center did is the connection with the investors and grant-making agencies. They also get access to the state of the art research laboratories, 24X7 radio station, a production studio, and a world-class faculty of UCP.

All of these things are encouraging the individuals within the city who have some great ideas and want to work on it.

There is an online web portal of Takhleeq where you can apply on the basis of having the next million dollar idea.

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