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Telecom Fraud Scams on the Sky (AVOID PHONE SCAMS)

EU to Taxes, The law enforcement and security professionals are warning that the telecom threats are evolving as fraudsters which leverage the telecom infrastructure to conduct some sort of network based fraud attacks, according to multiple sources online.

A report found out that the telecom fraud is daily increasing which is originating specially from developing countries or failed economies, multiple media outlets across the US have warned of scam calls that are making their way around the country.

The sheriffs’ offices have warned all the people about a scam call which claims to be originated from the sheriff’s office.

An audio clip which will clearly address the recipient who failed to report to jury duty and must resolve this matter with urgency.

“Nationwide, these scammers are attempting to use the criminal justice system and the threat of arrest as a tool to frighten people into paying large sums of money,” said Middlesex Sheriff Peter J. Koutoujian told 7 News. “We want residents to be aware of these scams and these tactics in order to better protect themselves.”

In fact, the Washington state has also seen a huge rise in these phone scams, and reporter David Rasbach of the Bellingham Herald warned: “Scammers often try to disguise their identities by spoofing the information that appears in your call identification display and trick you into answering. They use local area codes, numbers that may look familiar or even impersonate a legitimate business, utility or government agency.”

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