Top 3 Amazing Strategies to help you make $100k in Year as a Freelancer

Freelance is optimistic, In today’s world freelancing is paying close attention to the unprecedented revenue numbers fetched by Freelancers worldwide in the last few years.

To be honest, it doesn’t give an individual to choose his or her work hours, but it also aspires them to do more because of the earning of money dependent on the amount of work,

It means that how much time you give to work the work will absolutely give you more earning.

Suppose if anyone asks me personally for some attractive tips that could help him or her with-held the tough freelancing competition pressure and win projects,

I will recommend them to draw your attention to these top 3 amazing things.

Number 1=> Focus

The co-founder of said that he was making in the early 2000s around 30k to 50k but he realized that,

He was missing something that is not allowing him to extend his financial numbers beyond a fixed annual revenue when he noticed his daily routine, he realized that he was missing “Focus” in his daily routine.

“Freelancing requires complete focus. If you do not bid on projects daily, you are not giving yourself a fair chance of even participating in a competition, leave-alone dream of winning it.”

When he was ready to start to stay true to his watch, He started bidding regularly and looks for projects that matched his expertise with daily efforts.

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After that, he was winning projects and was able to turn his routine by hiring a brand new business development team that helped him in growing his freelancing business.

Number 2=> Time

Today’s Freelancers usually skip this very essential attribute to success. Suppose if you don’t allocate some unique hours for your work and stay like glued to your work,

It’s my thought that you will not be able to build or design a swift momentum towards work.

I will always recommend any of you to divide your time into two directions if you want to be successful in your work.

You must give some hours to find work and getting it done and an hour allocated to learning, Learning will give way to earning.

“It is very important to stay up to date with new technological advancements in your field in order to stay ahead of the competitive curve.”

Number 3=> Managing Work

In his two decades of experience as a freelancer talking about the co-founder of,

He has seen many rock stars while acing the game initially but fading out of business quickly.

The main reason why everyone could not keep momentum while going and hang on to success was the lack of Management.

You may know that winning projects is one thing and getting projects done is the real thing.

Sadly, there are many freelancers who don’t understand the importance of honoring his or her commitments with his or her clients.

You may have an idea that as a Freelancer, client retention is the one fundamental aspect of growth in the market.

“You can not win new projects every day, instead, by winning the trust and confidence of your clients, you can get their repeated business over a period of time.

Imagine how funny it is, you will use a computer to win a project and vow to use a computer to get a project done but you won’t and you don’t use a computer to track your work.”

While using software to track his or her work is very important in today’s world.

There are many freelancers even they don’t realize the importance of using software for project management and time tracking.

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