Top 5 Must Read Books (Before You Die)

Top 5 Must Read Books (Before You Die): Books we all know they are packed with knowledge and teachings. They teach us how to win the race of life. And for centuries we are using books to improve in any field. They are the secret weapon that every successful person uses to improve. We all also have the ability to pick any book with great content and read it. Yet we choose not to.

Today I have brought you top 5 books you should read before you die. In this collection we have some classic books and some new books. Each of the book have great knowledge in it but my advice would be to pick on and then go for the other one.

 Total Recall by (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

The first book we have on our top 5 must read books is Total Recall. The book is the auto biography of superstar, bodybuilder, and ex-governor of California.
In this book he shares his whole life how he became Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia  7 times and governor of California.

His life is an amazing story. And you can learn a lot for him. He did achieve most of his goals before he was 30 years old. He is a great example of a successful person.

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How to win friends and influence people by (Dale Carnegie)

The next book in our top 5 must read books is How to Win Friends and Influence People. This is a classic book which almost every entrepreneur recommends. This book is packed with knowledge. That will help you how to make friends and have the best deal. This book is a book which I call is full of “golden nuggets”

Read it yourself than you will know why it sold 15 million copies.

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The power of habits by (Charles Duhigg)

The next book in our top 5 must read books is The Power of Habits. This book discusses how our habits works and how you can change your habits. this book teaches us how to change our habits. in a way that’s not a pain in our ass. This books describes how habits work why human have habits and especially how to change bad habits.

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Think and Grow rich by (Napoleon Hill)

The next book in our top 5 must books is Think and grow rich is a book especially written for any one in any field to succeed. This book is a gold mine. And every one should read this book once in their life. This book has so much knowledge that you can not even think of. this book has sold over 100 million copies till 2015.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad by (Robert Kiyosaki)

The next book on our top 5 must read book is Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book is also an classic and need to be on the list. In this list Robert Kiyosaki tells us how his two fathers advises him ones vision for Robert was study, study, study and then get a job and a home and a secure future. While his Rich father told him to make assets and cut off liabilities.

Almost every must read book have rich dad and poor dad in it. This books tells us how to make wealth and sustain it. How to create assets this is a great book.

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All the books we have put here all are the books. Which many successful people recommend. And they are the books from people who have done it. The top 5 must read books (before you die) in this collection we have only focused on the books that are world widely famous books and people have recommended them.

If you can read these books before the end of this year.

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