Twitter Makes Working From Home Mandatory for Employees Around the World in Response to COVID-19

Yesterday, Who {World Health Organization} has officially declared with a total of 118,000 cases of the COVID-19 in 114 countries. With the disease being contagious through touch and close contact, the social media platform Twitter has made it compulsory for all their employees to work from home.

They have offered to pay for the setup of their employees and contractors’ home offices and all contractors, vendors, and hourly workers will continue to receive their agreed-upon wages,

Even if they are not able to deliver on their work, Twitter also agreed to cover any daycare expenses for their employees if their usual daycares have been shut down because of the Coronavirus.

They are going to launch employee supporting programs and virtual talks to discuss the impact of the Coronavirus on the day to day lives of their employees.

The support groups and meetings will be held over the internet platform & all impact of the Coronavirus such as the possibility of directly catching the disease,

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The impacts of education institute being shut down and dealing with the racism directed towards specific ethnic groups.

There are many multinational companies; they have strongly encouraged their employees to work from their homes.

Google has also recommended its employees in the United States, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East to work from home.

Lyft, Box, and Amazon have also implemented these precautionary measures and other technology giants are expected to implement these policies soon.

With the COVID-19 affecting almost every spot of the country on the face of the earth, Individual are hesitant to leave his or her homes and knowing their employees care for their well-being just as much as they do gives them an extra sense of security, confidence, and motivates them to support these companies in this time of global crisis.

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