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Windows 10: How to Map a Network Drive

If you Want to Access the File from your Own Local Hard Drive in your Operating System. Then that’s Very Easy to Do That in your Operating  System (Windows 10). As you know that Mapping a  Network Drive is The Simple way to Achieve This.

If you want you can also Map the Network Drive While Using The File Manager of your Computer (File Explorer). And Also With Control Panel Of Your Operating System (Windows 10).

How To Turn On Network Discovery

If you want to Map the Network Drive then Before that you will need to Turn On the  “Network Discovery” In your Operating System (Windows 10).

Step Number 1=>

In Step 1, You will just need to Open the “Settings” & Navigate To theNetwork and Internet” And After that go to Sharing Options.

Step Number 3=>

In Step 2, In the Network Discovery” Option I will recommend you to Click on the Turn On Network Discovery”.

Windows10 Network Discovery Option

Step Number 3=>

In  Step 3, You will Need to Just Click On Save Changes” Option.

Mapping The Network Drive  File Explorer (Windows 10)

In This Step, We are going to Map A Network Drive in Your Operating System (Windows 10) While  Using File Explorer.

Step Number 1=>

In Step 1, In your Operating system, you will just need to Open theFile Explorer” After that, you will need to Click on This PC” on the Right Pane.

Windows10 network drive file explorer

Step Number 2=>

In Step 2, You will Need to Click on The Map Network DriveOption in the Ribbon Menu at the Top, After that Click onMap Network Drive” Button.

Windows10 network drive map network drive

Step Number 3=>

In Step 3, You will need to Select the Drive Letter you wish to Use it in your Network Folder, After that Hit Browse” Button. 

Windows10 network drive map network drive letters

Step Number 4=>

In Step 4, You will need to Navigate To The Folder” you wish to Map, After that Click on OK” Button.  Choose the Folder. 

Step Number 4

Step Number 5=>

In Step 5, You will need to Confirm your Selection after that I will Recommend you to Click on Finish” Button.

Know you Are Completely Done, If you have Any Kind of Question you may Ask me Below in the Commend Section.

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