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16 Blog Posts Ideas

What to Blog About?

Well there are two principles

  • Write about your space, not your product.
  • Deliver value to your readers.

16 Blog Post Ideas

  1. Be a reporter
  2. Teach
  3. Interview experts
  4. Answer Quora questions
  5. Do what’s working
  6. Ask your audience
  7. Tweet first
  8. Host office hours
  9. Answer FAQs
  10. Repurpose for different customers
  11. Curate resources
  12. Summarize
  13. Share your opinion
  14. Reformate video or audio
  15. Provide a free consultation
  16. Write a case study


  1. Be a reporter: Act likes a journalist or reporter for a media company that you target audience is likely to read. Write about cool products, companies, or news stories that might be of interest to your target audience.

Write About a conference or even you attended. Summarize the speaker’s talks. Share your opinion on it.


  1. Teach
  • Deliver educational value
  • “# Tips” (Tips on different tops like Internet Marketing etc).
  • “How to_” (How to read more books etc).


  1. Interview Experts
  • Offering value to the expert
  • You don’t have to write
  • Gives you social proof
  • Meet the expert
  • Great content


  1. Answer Quora questions
  • Browse topics related to your blog
  • Questions =
    challenge/demand for information
  • Gives you a prompt
  • Obvious promotion channel


  1. Do what’s working: if you see a blog post getting traction, you know that there is a demand for information on that topic.

                      You don’t always need to reinvent the wheel.


  1. Ask your audience: Ask your customer what their challenges are and what they want to read about.


  1. Tweet first: if you have topics in mind, tweet the title or key points before writing it. See if people engage with the tweet.


  1. Host office hours: Listen for common questions and challenges.


  1. Answer frequently asked questions (FAQs): Questions are an indication of challenge or a demand for information. Answer at scale.


  1. Write for different customer
  • Social media marketing for dentists
  • Social media marketing for lawyers
  • Social media marketing for small businesses


  1. Curate resources
  • Products
  • Blog posts
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Events


  1. Summarize a book or research report


  1. Share your opinion
  • Breaking news
  • Controversial debate
  • Review

There’s one thing no one can write better than you: your opinion.

Writing in authentic voice allows your audience to get to know you. Edginess can have entertainment value.

  1. Re-format audio or video content: Developing content, regardless of the format, is half the battle.
    To avoid thinking of a new blog topic, summarize or transcribe content that you have already produced in audio or video format. Interviews, presentations, podcasts, videos, etc.


  1. Provide a free consultation: Providing a free consultation via a blog post can grab the target’s attention and validate your expertise.


  1. Write a case study
  • How to customer benefited from your product/service
  • How you accomplished a certain objective
  • How one of your target customers accomplished ANY business objective


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