21 Years Old Pakistani Fiverr Millionaire – 25 to 35 Lac Earning per Month

You might be wondering or shocked after reading the earning details in the heading. But the world has changed now and if you want to earn something like this you have to work hard.

The reason for posting this article is to let you know about the youngsters who are earning so highly even though less to no educational background but a strong skill set.

The Success Story of 21-years-Old Pakistani Fiverr Millionaire

Hasan Khan is a 21-years-old youngster from Mirpur Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. The story of his success starts from four years back when he visited Pakistan for a family wedding.

He saw his uncle earning and working on Fiverr. The process creates an interest in Hasan mind, and he asked his uncle to guide him about Fiverr so he can also start earning from it.

The uncle somehow refused and told him that he is very young and needs to focus on his studies. Hasan was 16 years old at that time.

His uncle used to teach students about online earning and told him to connect with him on skype to attend lectures just like other students.

He used to wake up at 6:00 am early in the morning to attend lectures on skype before going to school. The timing was very tough and later he thought that this idea is not good for him due to a lot of timing pressure.

The dedication, hard work, and mindset of becoming successful did not allow him to stop at the mean-time.

Through youtube and other online lectures, he learned all the strong skills that he wanted to be professional at in 6 months.

Later, he showed all the skills he developed in 6 months to his uncle and got the opportunity to learn about Fiverr.

Another 6 months he spends in Fiverr for creating a strong portfolio, and at the meantime, he earned his first 10 Lac from Fiverr.

Within 2 years of hard work and dedication in Fiverr, he managed to shift from a rented house in the UK to a 4 Crores worth of his own house at the age of 18.

He later also started a company known as Steps Solution Ltd, where they provide IT related services to different clients.

Video of 21 Years Old Pakistani Fiverr Millionaire 

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