Apple – How to Find Your SmartPhone and iPad With Siri (2019)

Sometime you May Lost your iPhone or Ipad Somewhere in Your Office, House, College, University, Car or Shop. If you have Another Device of Apple you can Simple Ask Siri to Ring your Smartphone. The Feature in iCloud id Can be Located only Street Address Find My iPhone”.

The Feature Find My iPhone would not Help you To Figure out in which Place your iPhone or Ipad is in. 

If you Ask Siri to Find out your Smartphone then Siri is Perfect for Short-Range Device  Searching.

Using Siri To Find Your Smartphone (iPhone) and iPad

Step Number 1=>

In Step 1, You will Need to Open Siri, If you can’t Open Siri than I will Recommend you to Press the Side Button or Home  Button That Depends on your Smartphones.

If You are using Old Version of iPhones then Press Home Button or If you are Using New Brand Phones of iPhones Such X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max Than you will need to Press Side Button. 

If you have Enabled Siri then You can Use “Hey Siri”.

Step Number 2=>

In Step 2, You will Just Need to Say that Find My iPhone If your Smartphone is Lost, Or If iPad is Lost just Say “Find My iPad”.

Step Number 2

Step Number 3=>

In Step 3, If you are Using Your iCloud in Multiple iOS Smartphone, Then you will be  Asked to Select which One You Are Searching For.

Just See the Model Names Here, Not SmartPhone Name, It Might Make it Slightly Trickier If your Friends or Family Members had the Same Smartphones.

Step Number 4=>

In Step 4, If Your Smarphone Detects in the Immediate Proximity. She May let you know Either Way, Or You Can Make the Lost Smartphone Play Alert Noise to Locate your Smartphone or Ipad.

The Siri Will Ask you to Play the Sound. Just Click on Confirm”  Button to Ping your Smartphone.

Step Number 4

Step Number 5=>

In Step 5, You will Need to Listen the Alert Sound to Quest Down Your Smartphone.

Step Number 5

If You Have Clicked on Confirm Button The Alert Sound will Continue to Play Until your Smartphone is  Elect up. You will See the Notification Banner that Reads Find My iPhone Alert”.

siri find iphone find my iphone notification

If you Had to Find out Your Smartphone and you Want to Dismiss the Alert Sound. Just Click on Ok” Option.

If you have Any Kind of Question you may Ask me Below in the Comment Section.

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