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PewDiePie – Hackers are Taking over Chromecasts to Promote Their YouTube Channel

The two malicious attackers, Who teamed up to promote “PewDiePie” YouTube Channel by forcing the TVs to display a message, which encourages the users to forcing subscribe his YouTube Channel.

This attach took an advantage of a router settings, which makes the smart devices such as: Chromecasts and Google Homes, publicly viewable on the Internet.

These malicious hackers were than able to gain a successful access to control the devices and broadcast videos on the connected TVs.

This malicious attack on Chromecasts is being conducted by 2 professional attackers named: “HackerGiraffe” and “J3WS3R“.

A website for the attack which counted the number of TV forced to show up the PewDiePie message and in the real time, it says that around 3000 or more have been affected.

Sure, it’s not yet clear, the exact amount of effected TVs (It has been reset several Times). A number of people, Who posted on Reddit that video had been appeared on their TVs.

In November 2018, These malicious attackers hacked the printers around the globe to print out the sheets, which says to Subscribe the PewDiePie.

Attackers Hacked 50,000 Printers to Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel
Attackers Hacked 50,000 Printers to Promote PewDiePie YouTube Channel


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