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RIP Privacy: US Military is Buying Your Location Data From Apps

When you have smart phone and using different apps on your mobile device, there is no privacy or security to save yourself or family members.

Multi billion dollar companies are paid millions of dollars to sell their database user data. These data includes everything about users from Location, What he/she likes what not. Everything that is real important for us.

Edward snowden the world’s most famous hacker who worked at NSA (National Security Agency) who has access to any information on the planet earth.

They can hear you anytime they want, they can watch you anytime they need to. There comes no security, when you are using smart phones or laptops etc.

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Now it comes that US Military is tracking all the people using location data that is obtained from harmless Mobile phone apps.

One of these apps are Islamic Apps; An example is Muslim Pro that reminds users about daily prayers and shows the extracts from the Holy Quran.

The US Military Is Buying Location Data from Ordinary Apps

This app has over 98 million downloads and the company calls it “The most popular Muslim app”.

This app tracks the user location and other data and sells them to the brokers. One of the most known buyer of this data is of course US Military.

There are different sources that says that the app developers might even not be knowing that the location data is bring provided to US Military and users have no idea.

US military has confirmed it, that they are actively gathering this sort of data.

Navy Commander Tim Hawkins said in his statement to Vice:

“Our access to the software is used to support Special Operations Forces mission requirements overseas. We strictly adhere to established procedures and policies for protecting the privacy, civil liberties, constitutional and legal rights of American citizens”.

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