Do You Want to Know How To Love? Look Your ALLAH For How He Loves His Creatures

  • If you ever want to know how to love, look to your Allah for how He loves His creatures, so that you can love His creatures in the same way.

Where love is claimed, forgiveness is an important factor that must be met. If there is no forgiveness in love and only the concept of punishment is for mistake, then such love relationships do not succeed.

Now look how many sins we commit every day, does Allah taunt us that you have sinned today, I will not provide for you? Does he tell us that you made this mistake today and that you are out of my love? No, he does not say that at all, but whenever his servant makes a mistake, he says return to me, my mercy is always available to you.

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Allah has also placed some of His attributes in His creatures, few of them are to love, to forgive and to be patient.

He loves His servants in spite of their sins, and commands His servants to love His creatures in the same way. He forgives the mistakes of His servants and draws them to Himself and commands His creatures to do the same. He does not punish us immediately for our sins, but is patient so that this servant may return to me.

So if you have to learn to love, then learn from your Allah, if you have fallen in love with a person, then learn to forgive by seeing his mistakes, your job is only to love, you should do your part.

Where there is love, there is no concept of punishing for a mistake, you just lovingly explain to the beloved not to make this mistake in the future, and just move on in life.

Don’t make an issue of the same thing. Do not humiliate the beloved in love. Lovers never say bad things about their love, because in a direct way it shows their choice.

‘Mehboob tu mehboob hota hai, us se bas muhabbat ki jaati hai, usey ruswa nahi kia jata zamany mein’.

Credit: Asim Naveed

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