JalalSons: A 200 Crore Wedding and Our Attitudes

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Recently a wedding ceremony on Facebook got viral and around 200 crore Pakistani Rupees were the expenses on the marriage ceremony.

Some of the top celebrities attended the marriage ceremony; some of which were Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Moulana Tariq Jameel, Atif Aslam and some other politicians.

Lavish Interior of Marriage Ceremony Jalal Sons

Sweets are wrapped in 24 Karate Gold Leaf Given to the guests.

Sweets Wrapped in 24 Karat Gold Wedding Ceremony

This is how 200 crore marriage is all about, there are billions of people on planet earth, who have never seen such a lavish wedding ceremony.

We have seen thousands of marriages in Pakistan, People put all their life savings into the marriage ceremony only to look rich.

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Now these marriage ceremony is of Billionaires but even a middle class people in Pakistan wants to have a wedding that looks better than their relatives or neighbors; they simply spent their all life savings and put them into wedding ceremony.

This is the mindset of the majority of People; They all do this not for the sake of their happiness but to look rich.

Check Out an Informative Video From Syed Muzammil

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