Johnny Depp: He Almost Went Bankrupt Because of Ridiculous Expenses

  • The Downfall of Johnny Depp.
  • Johnny Depp from Multi-Millionaire to Bankruptcy.

Johnny Depp was one of the most highest paid actor in the world. He had almost earned around $650 Million Dollars by his amazing acting in the movies.

But, but. despite making so much wealth and name. There is almost nothing left now.

Johnny Depp blamed his financial advisors for it. But, when johnny filed a lawsuit against his financial advisors.

The financial advisors have revealed the actor’s expenses lists, which not only shocked the actor but the whole world.

Expenses of Johnny Depp

  1. Johnny Depp almost spent $30,000 USD Monthly on Wine.
  2. He spent $200,000 on his private jets, since flights not allows you to carry wine, Johnny uses Private Jets.
  3. He has almost 40 servants in his house for his family, Servants total annual salary is around $3.6 Million.
  4. Johnny spent nearly $5.5 Million to buy 3 Islands in the Bahamas.
  5. He bought a 156-foot yacht that only costs him about $18 Million.
  6. The yacht’s maintenance costs monthly is $350,000 USD.
  7. Johnny also spent $75 Million to buy and renovate his 14 houses.
  8. He also has 5 penthouses in Los Angeles, One castle in France and One farmhouse in Kentucky.
  9. 14 Houses for just a family of 4.
  10. Depp is also found to be fond of art, He spent millions on pieces of arts.
  11. Johnny Depp is also a huge fan of rock and roll. He has also spent millions on his guitar collection.
  12. Johnny’s public image was destroyed when his list was revealed.

Johnny is going through worst time. He says, “My Son Had to Hear About How His Old Man Lost All His Money.”

Even though his net worth was still in million. His bank balance was left low.

Johnny depp financial situation got worse when he got divorced from actress Amber Heard. Who then filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp.

Johnny has finally realized his mistakes.

But, Johnny still could not understand. Why his advisors didn’t stop him in that time?

Johnny Says, ” I Have Worked Very Very Hard for a Lot of Years and Trusted a Lot of People, Some Who Have Clearly Let me Down.”

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