Why Do I Think Payoneer is a SCAM?

  • Payoneer is American Financial Service Company Helps Individuals to Send / Receive Digital Payments.

Payoneer is one of the most used platform for freelancers / companies or business owners, Payoneer helps you with getting paid by clients internationally online.

Payoneer Scam You Must Know

Let Me Tell You Little About Myself. Why Do I Really Think Payooner is SCAM?

I have been using Payoneer for more than 3 years now, I own a software house and I provide IT services; Marketing, Web & App Development, Hosting Services, Online Training and so forth.

So, for the services I provide. I get paid internationally from clients around the world.

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Recently, A client sent me $240 USD for Facebook Marketing Services and Payoneer cancelled the payment and returned back to the client.

I sent a message to client that why did you cancelled the payment? he replied, I didn’t cancelled the payment, May be there is some problem with Payoneer.

He immediately contacted Payoneer team but the live support chat sucks and client wrote an email to payoneer support team.

Transaction Payoneer Details

Just after few hours, I was about to subscribe Netflix but my card got rejected multiple times. So, I just opened my account on Google Chrome to check my funds on the account.

And once I opened my account. I saw red notification of “Balance Blocked” on my account. I was shocked. I am still…

I just contacted my client and I told him. what did you do to my account? He was apologizing that I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what’s happening. and guess what, we contacted several times with Payoneer live chat. but didn’t got any reply or support in the time.

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Just after few minutes my client also messaged that his payoneer account balance blocked too.

Once I got a chance to connect with live support with Payoneer, they simply message to wait for 3-5 days. I waited and after 1 week. I contacted back and they kept replaying to wait 1 more week.

Balance Blocked Payooneer Account

My client contacted payoneer team several times and showed our business / services documents that nothing is wrong. I sent him the amount. but its almost now more than a month. Our accounts are still Balance Blocked.

Ira Pennygent says, “

Please avoid. Let me say, rather, it is not an overt fraud but their service and system and support generally feel like it is. Their staff is also poorly trained and generally very slow to solve issues.

One of the biggest complaints I have with Payoneer customer care is that they are virtually incompetent and don’t help you in the event that you encounter your account locked. The system will put you in a loop of entering old passwords when you try to reset, so you can access your locked account, but won’t be very helpful telling what you might have mis-entered; for example, you might have a” “One or more fields incorrect” message appear in your sign-in.

Many people, as it turns out, have complained of having their account locked on Payoneer, and struggling to communicate with staff for any email assistance.

Payoneer also sucks because, in light of being a so-called “global payment processing” company (like PayPal), they are not open 24/7.

Please, AVOID PAYONEER like the bubonic plague if you are considering it to receive funds. Of other experiences using the service, I cannot say because I lack experience. But at any rate, it holds that the customer care is horrendous, and you will wait for ages to receive your funds.”

Have You Ever Faced Any Problem with Payoneer? If Yes, Don’t Forget to Comment Your Thoughts on This.

Thank You!

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