U.S Election of Next Leader of Super Power is Same of Choosing Khalifa in Islam

#USElection2020: Election of the next leader of the Super Power is the same as that of choosing a Khalifa in Islam.

The earthly supreme leader will do as the SATAN GUIDES and the Earthly Khalifa will do as God guides.

Whoever wins in USA, it’s the next UniCorp frontman and continuation of darkness across the globe.

Fools wait to see new a leader for world peace via such elections.

In a comment someone asked:

Q: Name 3 best leaders of the world currently? And why?

A: there exists none.

Q: Not even Tayyip Erdogan?

A: He is a nationalist. Now crystal clear after his sheep like response towards France. He wants to make turkey strong not Ummah.

Though he is still a thousand times better than Arabs and South Asian Muslim states

Q: Ohh i see. Any expectations from Khan? And what is your opinion on Jibran Nasir? He seems to stand with the weak every time.

A: Jibran Nasir stands with freedom of speech that West likes and those who sponsor him.

Apparently he looks like one who talks about peace but deep inside he is working for the same networks that speaks for gays, lesbians, abortion rights, feminism and secularism.

In short he is an imposter who acts to be a Muslim but he is on another agenda.

Khan is just a goldsmith clown and the agenda which brought him to this power will start showing its true face once the NORMALISATION CAMPAIGN WITH ISRAEL intensifies.

He is a goldsmith production on a chess board.

Khan would be the last man on earth to call for Jihad but he would be the biggest advocate of the SUGAR COATED & ENSLAVED version of Islam that has never posed a threat to the UniCorp.

Q: That’s a big claim to make regarding Khan. He has done too many good things for the country to believe that he is a clown who has been brought in with an agenda. Do you also doubt his intentions of improving this country?

A: Saying and doing are two different things. I voted for him and he did absolute opposite to everything we hoped for. He uses Quranic verse to hypnotize his voters into believing he is truthful.

Credit: M.Mustafa Ahmedzai

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