Abdul Rehman Talat Here Are My 2 Cents for Your Next Job Interview

Mian Abdul Rehman Talat is basically from Lahore. He completed his BS hons in Computer science from National University of Computer and emerging Sciences.

The main skills and endorsements of him is Product marketing, Marketing planning and marketing strategy.

He is a founder and CEO of BlueEast and also working as a Director Sales and marketing in Orient Group of Companies.

Abdul Rehman Says, “In my professional life, I have interviewed a lot of people and I always make mental notes of how people behave and interact with their potential boss, as well as the impression they are leaving behind. Here are my 2 cents for your next job interview”:

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I) Don’t be a people pleaser. Your talent should speak, not your ability to agree with everyone around you.

2) No matter how much you try to hide it, your personality always shows. Don’t hide who you are.

3) Own your shortcomings. Please come up with something better than “My only shortcoming is that I am a workaholic.”

4) Everybody loves a good sense of humor but nobody likes bad, cliché jokes. Watch good TV shows if you are not naturally endowed with tact.

5) Speak in a language you are comfortable in. We are (hopefully!) past the age where we used to judge people’s skills on the basis of their ability to speak in English. Incorrect grammar, both Urdu and English, leave a very bad impression.

6) Know your worth and don’t undersell yourself. You wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and curse yourself before going to work.

What is your assessment of the job interviews you have been to? I am all ears!

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